You are legally required to report child abuse

When you suspect abuse that puts a child in danger, you have a legal obligation to report the abuse.

It’s just that simple – but that doesn’t make it easy. You might find yourself experiencing fear for yourself. You may feel that it isn’t your place to report abuse when it is only suspected. You may feel that families work out their own problems.

All of these thoughts, fears, and feelings are normal, but completely irrelevant when you suspect abuse. Suspected abuse must be reported. Not reporting suspected abuse puts the child at risk of extreme danger, right now.

The information below comes from a post in July. We know of two children that have been protected from harm from people finding the information through social sharing. That means that sharing this information could be crucial to keeping another child, one that you may know, safe from harm.

You should contact authorities when:

  • You suspect abuse that puts the security and development of any child under 19 in danger.
  • A child under 12 is left unsupervised for an unreasonable amount of time.

Where can I anonymously report suspected abuse of a child?

  • Call: 1-888-992-2873 (1-888-99-ABUSE)
  • After Hours Emergency Services 1-800-442-9799

What happens when I report suspected abuse?

  • You will not have to give your name or any other personal information.
  • You will be asked questions about what you have seen.
  • The information is reviewed to determine if it should be investigated by Child Protection Services.
  • If it is determined that the child is being physically or emotionally abused and/or neglected, action will be taken to protect the child.
  • Services are focused on the best interest of the child first, and a focus on keeping families together.


Information summarized from the New Brunswick Department of Social Development pages: “Frequently Asked Questions – Abuse”  and “Child Protection