Northern Region More Vulnerable

The northern region of New Brunswick experiences poverty at a greater rate compared with the rest of the province.

Bathurst has a population of roughly 12,000 people and a child poverty rate of 31%, a rate that has been steady for several years.

That is nearly one third of children in Bathurst living in poverty right now.

Higher Than Our Average

It’s a significantly higher rate than the provincial average of 22%, and the national rate of 18.6%. This level of poverty in Bathurst leaves children vulnerable to abuse, trauma, exposure to violence, and generational poverty.

The populations of northern communities continues to shrink as people move to larger centers to find employment and a better quality of life. Without economic development in the Bathurst region a high rate of child poverty will continue.

Addressing child poverty addresses a root cause of violence and trauma. Living in poverty increases the risk of witnessing or being a victim of the violence that results in trauma. This trauma reduces that chance of breaking free of the generational nature of violence, poverty, and addiction.

The Saint John Human Development Council

A prominent voice addressing child poverty in New Brunswick is the Saint John Human Development Council. Statistics listed here come from New Brunswick’s 2019 Child Poverty Report Card.